I kept running across images I wished I could capture often at times when my camera was left behind as it was too big to carry every day or bike with. Around Christmas of 2011 I decided to get a compact.

2012 was the year our daughter was born. Her name, Anatoli, is Greek for sunrise. Her mom was thinking over the idea of creating a time capsule for her. A box of reminders of what was going on around her birth date. On January 2 2012 I took a picture of the sky thinking of her. It was a while after sunrise. Reviewing the shots on the back of the camera, I realized I had a piece of sky taken on January 1st too. The idea for a 365 project struck automatically. A 366 project even, since it was a leap year. A mosaic of little pieces of sky dedicated to her. An opportunity for her to catch a glimpse of the sky, our life and thoughts for every day of the year she was born. Even before she was born.

Any earnings produced by this website will go into her college fund, if she decides she wants to go to college. Or a travel fund, if she decides she wants to discover the world.

This is a time capsule for Anatoli.